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6 Health Benefits of Grapes

In many cultures and since centuries grapes have been regarded “the queen of fruits.” Do you know that these are berries (!) in clusters botanically? Anyway, this is so beautiful and juicy wonder by nature, which also comes as a real storehouse of health.

Today, grapes are widely cultivated all over the world, giving us pleasure of tasting that semi-translucent flesh in smooth skin. Interestingly, but there are white/green, red/purple and blue/black varieties of these fruits, either with edible seeds, or seedless. The color means presence of different pigments.

The most amazing is that antioxidant compounds of grapes are densely concentrated on their skin and seeds! Commercially, they are grown for various purposes: eating as fresh table fruit or as dried raisin/currant/sultana, and using in wine production. So, you have a wide choice how to get all the health benefits of grapes.

What’s Useful to Know about Grapes?

-Grapes, eaten/used in recipes, are ‘table’ grapes. They are opposed to ‘wine’ grapes, which are used in viniculture; as well as ‘raisin’ grapes, used to make dried fruits.
-Grapes’ intake has long been connected with a better blood sugar balance, and thus, better insulin regulation.
-Several grape phytonutrients play a proven role in longevity and healthy aging.
-Only a few fruits have deserved as much attention in health researches as grapes.
-Grapes are present in all the diets worldwide.
Except Antarctica, grapes are cultivated on every continent.
-Grapes can boast of probably the most amazing nutrient composition, which provides all the body systems with benefits (cardiovascular/respiratory/immune system/inflammatory/blood sugar regulating/nervous systems).

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