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6 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight

If you’re looking for some easy – and entertaining – ways to lose weight, here are six that may surprise you:

1. Peppermint – It’s not just for Christmas! Researchers at Wheeler Jesuit University asked volunteers to sniff peppermint oil every two hours for five days. When the study concluded, the volunteers reported feeling much lower levels of hunger. They also consumed a full 3,485 fewer calories than usual during the course of the week.

Earlier research showed athletes who sniffed peppermint were more motivated and energized. To get the full benefit, sniff peppermint oil or put the scent in an inhaler.

2. Bright Colored Dishware – A study published last month in the journal Appetite says if you eat off bright red plates, you will probably eat less. Researchers gave 240 participants snacks of popcorn and chocolate chips, and served them on either red, white, or blue plates. The subjects who ate from red plates consumed less food overall than those who munched snacks presented on the white and blue plates.

3. Pay for Food with Cash – When you eat out, whether a full meal or just a snack, do you usually pull out your credit card? You might want to rethink that strategy.

Researchers at Cornell University studied 2,314 public school students who attended schools in which the cafeterias accepted only cash, or debit cards. At the schools that accepted only cash, 42 percent of the students selected healthy items. At the schools that accepted just debit cards, only 31 percent of students selected nutritious foods. Moreover, kids at cash-only schools bought 20 percent more fresh vegetables and less candy than kids at the debit card-only schools – and they ate 31 fewer calories.

4. Enjoy Chocolate – A study in the journal Nutrition found eating chocolate is associated with lower levels of abdominal fat. This was true even when researchers corrected for other life factors, such as working out and overall diet patterns. The study included 1,458 adolescents up to 17 years of age.

5. Sleep Cool – Researchers found people who slept in a 66-degree bedroom burned seven percent more calories while sleeping than did participants whose bedroom temperature was 75 degrees. In order to get the full benefit, however, don’t pile on the bedcovers.

6. Get the Picture – Another study published in Appetite suggests viewing pictures of low-calorie food can help you eat less while dieting. Researchers put 69 women (some on diets and some not) into two groups. They had the first group view pictures of healthy fruits and other low-calorie food. The second group looked at pictures that resembled the food photos, but were actually of similar non food objects. For example, a picture of a bright yellow sun was substituted for a picture of a grapefruit. Then they offered snacks to both groups. The non-dieters consumed the same amount of snacks regardless of which group they were in, but the dieters who looked at low-calorie food pictures ate less.

To put this idea to work in your own life, you might find a picture that appeals to you and make it the background on your phone. You could also put one on your refrigerator.


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