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7 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Many things affect your mood, from your life experiences to your thoughts and beliefs. One important factor is diet. Scientists say these seven foods can substantially boost your mood:

1. Wild-caught salmon

Wild-caught salmon, along with other fatty fish, contains 11 vitamins and minerals that make you happy. Omega-3s are the most important. Research has shown these healthy fats fight depression, along with their brain and heart health benefits.

Be sure you buy wild-caught and not farm-raised salmon. It is rich in B12 for building new brain cells, along with magnesium, also good for treating depression.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon epitomizes summer. It’s juicy and tasty, of course, but it has also been proven to support feelings of happiness and well-being. It is lycopene that makes watermelon red, and lycopene is a powerful health booster. It inhibits the buildup of interleukin-6, a chemical associated with depression, along with fighting cancer.

3. Jalapeños

Capsaicin is the component that makes jalapenos hot and spicy. When you eat capsaicin, your body releases endorphins, the happiness hormone.

4. Butternut squash

Butternut squash contains betain, used by the brain to manufacture SAM-e, a natural antidepressant. It is also high in anti-oxidants that help you live longer.

5. Garlic

Garlic is rich in chromium, a mineral Psychology Today magazine called “natural Prozac,” because it regulates serotonin levels. The brain needs serotonin to maintain good mood control. Garlic’s cousins, onion, scallions, shallots and leeks, provide similar benefits.

6. Grapefruit

This citrus fruit is high in vitamin C and iron, both of which increase brain function as well as energy. Grapefruit is better for you than oranges because they contain less sugar.

7. Carrots

Science says carrots make you happy because they are so high in vitamin C and beta-carotene, a potent antioxidant that guards your brain from damage.

You’re probably already focusing on eating healthy foods. Be sure to add this “scientific seven” to your list of dietary staples.


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