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An Exciting Herb Proven to Fight Stress

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 4.44.31 PMOne thing medical science hasn’t done well is conduct research on many of the well-known and proven herbs used in Chinese and Indian medicine.

The advent of the pharmaceutical age sent scientists into labs to invent new ingredients to fight disease and skipped over the process of vetting ingredients that had been used for centuries with great effect.

One such herb is Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola is known as an adaptogen.

The adaptogen class is a group of plants that are shown to be capable of fighting stress in the body at the cellular level.

Modern (western) scientists have dismissed adaptogens as untested and unproven. But there’s actually a surprising amount of research that proves they might be far from accurate in their assessment.

Well how does Rhodiola Rosea stack up you might wonder?

Take a look at what several studies have managed to uncover.

– PhytoMedicine observed in multiple tests that different organism were affected positively to exposure to negative stress. It was found Rhodiola Rosea was able to help fight oxidative stress, acute and chronic heat shocks, and toxic chemical exposure.

– Mechanical Ageing Dev. were able to show in laboratory tests Rhodiola Rosea has significant antioxidant properties. It was found in testing that a compound contained in Rhodiola Rosea called salidroside was able to protect skin cells from aging. When oxidative stress was applied to the skin, the skin was protected by the antioxidant properties of salidroside.

– The journal of Ethnopharmacology was able to show that Rhodiola Rosea was able to both slow the aging process of cells and extend their life span as well. This means that Rhodiola Rosea has significant anti-aging properties. The study was able to show that the test subjects actually showed decelerated aging compared to the group that did not receive the herb.

– A scientist by the name of Maslov LN, Lishmanov was able to show in a test of rats that by taking Rhodiola Rosea, the hearts were less vulnerable to stress. Lishmanov came to conclude that Rhodiola was able to prevent arrhythmias (dangerous, abnormal heartbeats).

– Chinese scientists observed that Rhodiola Rosea has strong powers to prevent coronary disease. It was shown that Rhodiola was able to decrease the heart’s oxygen consumption as well as increasing the amount of oxygen the myocardium was able to receive. This means the heart was receiving the full amount of oxygen it needed when the test subjects with coronary disease were given rhodiola.

– Again Chinese scientists were able to observe two remarkable attributes of Rhodiola Rosea supplementation. It was shown that the Rhodiola species protect internal organs from low oxygen levels that occur at both high altitudes as well as during medical emergencies like a heart attack or a stroke. And scientists were able to conclude in another study that Rhodiola prevents vascular remodeling in the lungs during exposure to low oxygen levels.

Not bad for a plant scientists says is pure “quackery.”

Curios to know what else might be able to help you fight stress?

A lot of it has to do with what you eat.

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