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Avoid This Regional Diet Unless You Want Heart Disease

There are several known factors contributing to heart disease.

But when it comes diets with regional flare there are some that turn out to be worse than others.

New research has indicated the “Southern Diet” has been shown to be responsible for a higher incidence of heart attack

The researchers said it was the fixture of certain kinds of food like fried, breaded ones as well as high amounts of sweet tea which are the main culprits.

Lead researcher James Shikany, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham said “If their overall pattern of eating seems to closely match those components, they may want to move away from that.”

In the U.S. it’s estimated about 735,000 people have heart attacks annually. Nearly 120,000 of them will die from that heart attack.

So when Shikany and his colleagues sough to study what caused these heart attacks they wanted to see how a diet in particular could influence someone’s likelihood of having a heart attack.

In their study they collected data on 17,418 people who were 45 or older. All the subjects hailed from the U.S.

Shikany were able to isolate what they described as 5 distinct diets that were ubiquitous in their data.

As The New York Post wrote:

One pattern involved a lot of convenience foods that a person would likely order from a restaurant, such as pasta dishes, pizza, Mexican food, and Chinese food.

Another pattern involved a lot of plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, fruit juice, cereal, and beans, as well as fish, poultry and yogurt.

The “sweets” pattern included a lot of added sugars, desserts, chocolate, candy, and sweetened breakfast foods.

The “Southern” pattern involved typically Southern food, such as fried foods, eggs, organ meats, processed meats, sugary drinks and foods with added fats.

Finally, researchers saw that some people loaded up on beer, wine, liquor, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and salad dressing; they called this the “alcohol and salad” pattern.

And what were they able to determine in all of their research?

After about six years of follow up 536 people had heart attacks and some of those resulted in fatalities.

The group that had the highest likelihood of heart attack were those whose diet mirrored the Southern diet. They found they were 37 percent more likely to have a heart attack compared to those whose diet least resembled the Southern pattern.

Perhaps most significant was “the link remained significant even after the researchers accounted for factors often involved in heart attack risk like age, race, education, blood pressure and weight.”

In regards to the other dietary patterns, none were shown to produce an increased risk.

But that didn’t meant hey were any less harmful to the hear Shikany said

“I wouldn’t say go ahead and eat all the convenience food you want,” he said.

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