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The Most Important Hormone? Some Doctors Say Yes

25088080_sWhat many people don’t realize is a deficiency in hormone levels can have catastrophic results on your health.

One of the most important hormones of all is pregnenolone.

It’s sometimes referred to as “the memory hormone,” but it really might be known better as “the master hormone”

What pregnenolone is known to do is  enhance memory and help to create clearer thinking.

It also works with the body to improve one’s ability to focus and concentrate.

At higher doses it might even be able to:

    • Lighten fatigue
    • Ease the path out of depression
    • Protect joints
    • Reduce the amount of time it takes to heal

And according to one physician, the supplement has even heightened the ability of some people to see colors more vividly.

It’s also been known to help lower levels of anxiety as well as to increase athletic ability.

It can help combat overactive schizophrenia. It’s been used frequently to work against the effects of adrenal fatigue, and can also help to normalize deficient levels of other essential hormones inside the body.

Pregnenolone can even help reduce inflammation in the body.

So what makes pregnenolone so important…why would it be referred to as “the master hormone?”

Pregnenolone is what is referred to as  a precursor hormone. From this hormone many other hormones in the body are made. It’s made of cholesterol, and then from it, other hormones are then constructed.

That’s why it’s such an important hormone to have flowing through your blood.

As you age the amount of pregnenolone produced begins to wane. As such, when the amount of pregenenolone decreases the total amount of other hormones also decreases. This can cause your health to quickly spiral out of control. As soon as one hormone level is disrupted, others will be soon to follow.

Research has shown adding pregnenolone into a supplement regimen can affect the quality of life life positively.

Here’s what research has found to be true about pregenenolone and why many physicians are advocating their patients begin to take it in the supplement form.

:: A team of French researchers were able to show how Pregnenolone affects the memory positively. Pregnenolone worked to clear up receptors for Acetylcholine in order to help improve memory. The teams concluded Pregnenolone was active at the receptor sites were memories are formed. This is accomplished by its neuro-steroid and neuro-transmitter like properties.

:: In Biochemical Pharmacology a group of researchers was able to indicate Pregnenolone as a hormone that could enhance both job performance along with feelings of well being while a work. The research showed that Pregnenolone helped workers perform and learn difficult tasks. This in turn helped them as fast as performance on all metrics observed.

:: In Biochemical Pharmacology a study of Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers was able to demonstrate a consistent ability to improve symptoms for half the sufferers. They noted moderate to significant improvements in both joint pain and mobility. In fact, part of the study showed a subject who suffered from gout and wasn’t responding to traditional treatments was able to see relief from symptoms in 3 days with Pregnenolone use.

:: A study by Biological Psychiatry was able to show that those who suffered from depression or had a history of depression all had lower Pregnenolone levels. Those who had active depression had Pregnenolone levels lower than those with a history of depression. Though studies to prove Pregnenolone are lacking studies have shown that just 25 mg-75 mg will provide feelings of well-being for individuals.

One of the thing that affects hormone levels is lifestyle.

What you might not know is there are a few things you do that seriously harm both your health, as well as your hormone levels.

Want that to change?

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