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This Common Food Has Killed 184,000 Recently

Just because you’re getting all of your daily servings of fruit doesn’t mean your healthy.

Especially if those servings are coming in via sugary fruit drinks.

Researchers have shown sugary drinks, which include sodas, sweetened teas, sweetened coffees, and even fruit and veggie blends, are responsible for as many as 184,000 deaths worldwide.

The data was recently published in the journal “Circulation” and it shows for those who consume an excess amount of sugar via their beverages it can lead to an early death.

The study focused on more than 600,000 people in more than 51 counties and the data was compiled over 30 years.  Using meta-analyses of other published evidence on the harms of sugary beverages, they were able to calculate the direct impact on these chronic, deadly diseases.

Dr. Holly Phillips told CBS News “the researchers concluded that in 2010, consumption of sugary drinks may have lead to approximately 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000 deaths from heart disease, and 6,450 deaths from cancer.”

Surprisingly it wasn’t the United States who led the way with the highest death toll, it was actually the country of Mexico. It’s believed 405 people for every million was said to have died because of drinking too many sugar bombs. In the United States the numbers were closer to 125 out of 1 million.

What’s most disturbing however is what age group was fraught with the most complications relating to sugary drinks. Young adults outpaced the older generation with an estimated 1 in 10 of all obesity related death and incidences of diabetes being relegated to that demographic.

Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian told CBS News that “disease would substantially increase, by at least two-fold over current estimates.” when peering into the future.

“I think the real takeaway here is that with the added sugary beverages, there are no health benefits,” Phillips said. “The researchers want to make a call for a global effort to get rid of them from our diet all together.”

Health advocates across the globe have looked at ways to curb the consumption of sugary drinks, with some proposing outright bands on them, and with others proposing price hikes on the beverages to limit their appeal.

The ultimate conclusion is if sugary drinks were to be eliminated altogether, either from the marketplace or from people’s diets it would produce a dramatic decrease in the numbers of diseases and deaths associated with their consumption.


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