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To Heal Yourself, Talk to Your Cells

Since the discovery of genetics, there has been a tendency in science to the idea that biology is genetically determined, and we are victims of genetic predisposition. In his book, Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton offers another point of view. He shows evidence that DNA is affected by signals from outside our cells, including our thoughts. He points to evidence that suggests we can “talk” to our body, and our body listens and responds.

Scientific literature is filled with fascinating discoveries about the brain. Science and holistic thinking are increasingly overlapping. There is much active research exploring the connection between our thoughts and our physical bodies.

Meditation is the conduit by which communication can be opened between thoughts and cells. When you practice meditation on a regular basis, you can easily enter into a deeply relaxed alpha state, and even deeper into the trance-like theta brainwave state. In this state, there is an open channel of communication between your thoughts and the cells of your body.

Dr. Lipton believes regular meditation makes it possible to be more intimate with our bodies than ever before, realizing that we are composed of trillions of cells. Each cell is a separate universe, with its own experience. When we build a communication between our thoughts and our body, we can heal the issues that lead to disease. It is not just thoughts that are important, however; our thoughts open the door to emotions, which trigger the release of hormones by the endocrine system.

In Eastern philosophies, there is a consciousness of the mind-body connection. Ancient healers understood that energy is the stuff of life, and our thoughts direct our energy.

Here is Dr. Lipton talking about his work and his teachings:


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